A Year of Lunch

It’s official, the Northwest summer is hot, but the atmosphere on our deck is still laid back and cool. Stop in and celebrate summer with the best Mexican food and margaritas in Seattle, plus we have a new patio out front, an exclusive little sedan of a space where you can chill and admire the passersby in their summer regalia. It won’t be long before we’re talking Labor Day Weekend and Bumbershoot at Seattle Center (where the Space Needle lives), so steal away to our place before summer starts its Seattle swan song.

We were just reflecting on summers past when we realized it was last August that we started serving lunch for the first time in our nearly 25-year history (or at least as far back as we can remember). We’re celebrating that anniversary with the most alluring lunches in the neighborhood.

If you work in Fremont or Ballard, even Queen Anne or Wallingford, stop by El Camino for a quick afternoon bite… or even a three-margarita meeting (plan on staying a while if you do that). Whatever break you choose, we just hope you escape to the Mexico in your mind for a midday moment. Sometimes that’s all it takes to turn your week around.

El Camino serves lunch in Fremont Monday through Friday (as well as scrumptious brunch on the weekends). We take reservations, but we’ll find you a table even if you walk in on a whim. Our lunch menu features the same authentic Oaxacan food as our renowned dinner menu with a sprinkling of Northwest style.

Bring your friends or your favorite coworkers and soak in our unique Latin flavor with toasts of mezcal and margaritas. El Camino—it’s not just for dinner anymore.

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