What is Good Mezcal?

If you’ve ever wondered “What is a good mezcal” we have some expert opinions to satisfy your curiosity. Three out of three El Camino bartenders agree that 5 Must-Try Mezcals by Distiller is a great introduction to any mezcal journey. Distiller knows how to keep a listicle short and sweet and you can click through to a wealth of information on their site.

Coming in at number one in Distiller’s article is our personal favorite Mezcal Vago Tobalá. We also carry a variety of Del Maguey mezcals and several pechugas including Mezcal Pierde Almas. Whet your thirst with Distiller’s suggestions and then peruse this longer list from Forbes while you sip.

El Camino has one of the top selections of mezcals in Seattle. If you’re a connoisseur or just curious, you should stop by our quaint Mexican restaurant in Fremont for a mezcal tasting flight or a full dose you can sit back and savor. Our staff is well-versed in the wonders of this elevating elixir. They may even teach you a thing or two about what makes a mezcal.

The short explanation is that tequilas and mezcals are both made from the agave plant. However, when making a mezcal, the hearts of the agave plants (aka piñas) are cooked in pits in the ground before fermentation, giving the liquor its smoky tones. You’ll have to visit El Camino to discover the rest of the story.

See you soon in the heart of Fremont near Ballard!

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