Michelada v. Margarita

July-ke a margarita? We like margaritas too. In fact, it’s been said many, many times that El Camino has the best margaritas in Seattle. No kidding. I’ve heard it myself.

Since 1996, we’ve been juicing up greater Seattle (and its visitors) with the real thing – a tart, fresh lime margarita on the rocks (no blenders in this cantina). And, while you can find cheap happy hour margaritas at many establishments, El Camino offers really classy cheap margaritas in a seductive, casual atmosphere that brings the flavor of Mexico to the Pacific Northwest.

Not a margarita fan (boo)? Well, we make a mean michelada too. Never heard of a michelada? It’s been called the beer with benefits (oh yeah). You can find variations of this refreshing beverage throughout Mexico and Latin America. You just infuse a Mexican cerveza with lime juice and an assortment of sauces and spices, then serve in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. Muy delicioso, man. (BTW, it’s possibly the perfect hangover helper… and we serve brunch on weekends, as well as lunch in Fremont every day of the week!).

Soooo, are you thirsty yet? Bring a gang of friends (or your very special friend) to El Camino, smack dab in the “Center of the Universe.” Get healed and soak in the summer vibes in true Latin style with a cool beverage El Camino-style!

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