A New Day Dawning

El Camino is serving a special New Year’s Day brunch on January 1, 11AM-6PM.

Wow, 2016 was quite the roller coaster. We’re not gonna lie, we’re kinda glad that it’s in the rear view mirror. But 2017 is a clean slate full of brand new opportunities. Onward and upward, we say!

And it never hurts to have a little luck on your side. Have you heard of New Year’s Day meals that portend good fortune for the upcoming turn around the sun? A popular version is pork and greens, but there’s a little known Mexican saying that goes, “Eat the Bistec de Capitalino at El Camino (medium rare) and you’re gonna feel real good…” at least that’s what our host tells us.

So, with the prosperity of our friends in mind, we think you should start off 2017 with a glorious bistec dinner at Fremont’s favorite Mexican restaurant. And if your New Year’s resolution does not include giving up tequila, enjoy a citrusy fresh margarita (or two). We make the happy hour margaritas Seattle dreams of. It’s true. I dreamed of one last night… or two.

And, let’s see, what else happens in January other than the gym is crowded? Oh, we know! It’s almost Super Bowl time! And when America gears up for the Super Bowl that means Valentine’s Day is close behind. So with behind in mind, El Camino offers the sweetest blend of romance and fun in a casual atmosphere. You can relax with your honey and have a great time. Think of us when you make your Valentine’s Day reservations.

If you work in the neighborhood (Fremont, Ballard, Wallingford) or need a midday Mexican getaway, visit El Camino for lunch. Monday through Friday (extended brunch on the weekends). We’ll keep the tortas hot for you. Happy New Year!

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