Ready To Rocktober?

I saw a cartoon yesterday of Bart Simpson writing 20 times on the chalkboard, “There’s no such thing as ‘Rocktober.’” Well, you can believe it if you want, but I feel that Rocktober is a frame of mind. It’s a feeling rather than a month. A ‘rage against the dying of the light,’ if you will. A time when Northwesterners batten down the hatches and get ready for Mother Nature to have her soggy way with us. We hunker down to pay the piper for those glorious summer months.

Well, not really… sure, we may fret for a moment, thinking about the short days and endless drizzle ahead, but then the tide starts to change and real Seattleites say, “F**k it, I’m not going to sit inside for eight months! No way, Jose, I’m going to party like it’s 1999 (or some year when I was of legal drinking age)!”

That’s when El Camino becomes a cozy haven for those who can’t “winter in Oaxaca.” The most classic Mexican restaurants in Ballard and Fremont keep the spices flowing in honor of the summer sun and El Camino offers the finest Mexican food in Seattle. Our shrimp quesadilla, with three delicious cheeses and a dollop of house-made guacamole, takes you to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, while our candle-lit Mexican bar makes sure the spirit of the margarita never dies, it just grows bolder with the long nights. By the time Halloween rolls around, Rocktober is in full effect and Seattle locals are like, “Rain? That’s just a mist!”

So come down to El Cam and plan your Halloween costume. Make sure to bring the kids to Fremont for the neighborhood trick or treat event, sponsored by Theo Chocolate. More than 100 local businesses will be handing out trick or treat candy. You can wear your costume to Fremont the Saturday night before Halloween (when the adults come out to play) or on Dia los Muertos on Tuesday, November 1. We will have drink specials, great music and authentic Oaxacan dishes to keep the passion of Rocktober burning deep into the night.

Let us bring a sunny vibe to your morning too. El Camino serves brunch in Fremont every Saturday and Sunday until 3pm. The huevos entomatados are “to die for” (in honor of Dia los Muertos, of course). Try our scrambles or omelettes with traditional beans and rice and bacon or bistec. We proudly serve local Lighthouse coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice or you can ease back into your rockin’ day with an El Camino Bloody Mary, mimosa or michelada. Join us after a festive night any weekend for the best Mexican brunch in the land!

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