El Camino on MySeattleBlog.com

We are so happy that Karen from mySeattleBlog.com featured our humble little Seattle Mexican restaurant and bar in her October 2, 2017 blog post, Fresh, Authentic and Muy Delicioso!

Karen’s blog space is called Welcome To My Seattle. She highlights her favorite city spots in several of the fabulous neighborhoods that make Seattle so unique. We highly recommend perusing her posts to learn about new hot spots and traditional must-see places throughout the city.

Here’s what Karen had to say about El Camino in Fremont:

“I was pleased to happen upon them this summer after shopping at the Fremont Sunday Market… I recommend El Camino to anyone looking for fresh, authentic and muy delicioso Mexican food in Seattle! I can’t wait to go back!”

Even in the comments, she complimented our atmosphere and dishes: “It has a nice, relaxing ambiance and great homemade food.”

Thanks, Karen! We hope you come back very soon. It’s almost time to light the fireplace on our deck.

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