Cinco de Mayo in Seattle

It’s not every year that Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday. Thirsty Americans everywhere, even those progressive thinkers in Seattle, celebrate this blip in Mexican history with tequila-fueled gusto and when you factor in a Saturday, it’s bound to raise the bar (raze the bar?).

We want you to be ready for the celebration, so here are some pro tips:

If you want to impress your friends (or total strangers) with your Cinco de Mayo knowledge as you confidently sip your margarita, here’s a description of what happened on May 5, 1862. You will amaze anyone who’s willing to listen to the riveting tale of an infamous battle that most Mexicans don’t even think about. You are sure to be the hit of Cinco de Mayo in Seattle this year.

And, since you are so on the ball, bring all your friends to El Camino for the best happy hour margaritas in Seattle. We celebrate happy hour every day from 3-6pm and we humbly admit that our Cinco de Mayo happy hour last year was the best happy hour Fremont has ever known …EVER! Just sayin.

Here’s another fun fact: We currently feature a delicious prickly pear slushy along with our famous selection of margaritas. They are the talk of Frelard (that’s Fremont and Ballard, BTW), and…

Cinco de Mayo will mark the return of our pineapple-lime-jalapeno-cilantro slushy. This refreshing concoction is topped with a tajin salted rim to complete the complex yet balanced dance of flavors for your mouth. These puppies are no joke and an amazing way to dive into the colorful revelry of an evening at El Camino. We hope to see you on Cinco de Mayo Saturday or some weekend soon! Salud!

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