“Best Bloody Mary on earth! Great vibe from the staff, you can tell they work well together. My favorite dish is the salmon! Also their tres leches cake is one of my favorite deserts in Seattle. I love eating somewhere I can trust the ingredients to be responsibly sourced!”

    - Eilish H.

    “Great to meet here for happy hour. I have a two-margarita limit here because they are that good/strong! Patio has a nice fireplace and relaxed ambiance.”

    - Carla B.

    “I adore this place — have never had a bad time there. The scratch margarita is lovely, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, the servers are cute, and the food is delicious (we love the tortas, chilaquiles, and steak capitolina). Helpful hint: There are often families in the front dining area, so if you’d rather not hang with children and babies, head for the bar or the enclosed deck at the back. But don’t go on the nights I’m headed there, since I want my favorite table. Very LGBTQ-friendly, rarely a douche-bro in sight.”

    - Elizabeth R.

    “Pedrito was our waiter, he was absolutely excellent. Perfect balance of attentiveness and privacy. Food was bitchin, fish tacos were perfect as was the banana leaf tamales. Only suggestion- get some better ginger beer for Moscow mules.”

    - Laura B.

    “Favorite restaurant in the Fremont area of Seattle. I visit almost once a week and the food is on point every. Single. Time. It is frustrating to visit a restaurant and love the food but then you go back and the flavors are a bit different, maybe the portion is different, overall just doesn’t compare to your first visit. This is NEVER the case with El Camino. Everything I have tried has been consistently delicious and I have not been disappointed once. Low lighting and very cozy atmosphere. Clean! Lastly the staff is friendly and you can tell they work well as a team.”

    - Jeanie M.

    “We were about to just walk straight past this place if it hasn’t for the beautiful colorful lights!  It was a magical lucky discovery.  We also happened to walk in during happy hour.  I love the happy hour menu as well.  They have tacos and quesadillas for 6-7 bucks.  I like the house made chocolate infused mole, and I like that they didn’t drown my taco with too much sauce.  The happy hour drinks were also awesome, including house margarita. I can be indecisive and the waiter was incredibly patient and had a good sense of humor.  Can’t say enough good things about this place! I highly recommend it:)”

    - Isabelle L.

    “This place is cool. Nice cozy ambience and really great food. The staff is awesome too. Fabien is super cool. Try the plantain nachos!”

    - Yana B.

    “I like this place. Food was really good and very reasonably priced. Wait staff very friendly and attentive.  If you feel like some Mexican food and are in the area, stop by.”

    - T H.

    “Holy guacamole.  I moved to Seattle from San Diego two years ago and during that time I bitched and moaned that Seattle did not have decent Mexican.  Until almost two years later, I found it!  Mexican food that not only is cheap and Seattle’s BEST, but compares and beats alot of San Diego joints I’ve been to.

    And the server at the register is one hot, hot man.


    - Tom M.

    “I’ve been here twice on two different dates, and this place has been the highlight of both. It’s really cute, the patio is my favorite! The plantain chips are a nice touch. It’s kind of expensive as far as Mexican food goes but I think it’s worth it. Bartenders in Fremont are always friendly and I love going out around there. It’s next to everything and a good place to start out at before a night of drinking in the area.”

    - London L.

    “Hands down our favorite Mexican food in Seattle! and that is saying something because we are from Texas and have been to Mexico many times.  It is not TexMex. It is fine Mexican interior cuisine mixed with some street tacos and food.  The quesadillas are made with homemade corn tortillas. Wonderful Mahi fish tacos.  The steak Capitalino is one of the most memorable meals with incredible moles to choose from. Fine Tequilas of all types and great margaritas, but also very nice wines as well.  Also some non-Mexican Surprising and delicious menu items like some of the best Penn Cove mussels as appetizer and a stunning caesar salad.”

    - Kelly M.

    “When we lived in Tacoma, we would drive up to eat here at least once a month.  Great food, drinks and atmosphere.  Margaritas (house or cadillac) and bistec estilo are delicious!  And i highly recommend plantains and guacamole.  After a while we had to order 2 orders because our kids would scarf down their one plate…”

    - Boris K.

    “We showed up with a party of 20 for HH with no reservation. Instead of attitude and horrible service, we got tables pushed together and a delightful experience. The fried plantains with pico and guac is to die for! Love this place!”

    - Gaalya S.

    “Best Mexican food happy hour! Try the steak tacos and margaritas. Also, their plantain chips & guac is amazing (not only happy hour).”

    - Michelle D.

    “Go for the Mole!  Great funky vibe and super service.  I always visit when I am in town on business.”

    - Craig B.

    “El Camino is our go-to spot. My husband, son and I have been going there for years and I finally have gotten around to writing a review.

    We love the food here, plain and simple. It is delicious and expertly prepared. I almost always order the fish tacos with a side of black beans. The fish is always moist and the accompaniments add such flavor and crunch to the over all dish. I savor the shrimp on this dish and save them for last. I would say 9 times out of 10 I take home enough food for the next day’s lunch. I’m a huge fan of the margaritas as well and though I may appear to be a lush, usually consume 2! Our son who is a picky eater, always orders the Quesadilla de Cameron which are so yummy with the handmade masa tortillas! My husband is a huge fan of the Carne Asada tacos. The meat is ALWAYS succulent and delicious!

    We feel that the menu is priced appropriately for the quality and quantity. I see some of the reviews complain that you can get tacos cheaper with free chips and salsa elsewhere, but here’s my reply to that…you can, if you don’t care that your meat and fish come from factory farms, your guacamole comes in vacuum-packed pouches and your chips and salsa come from Cash & Carry. I’d rather pay a bit more for something really special, authentic, made from scratch and always fresh…El Camino.

    Also the decor is so sweet and brunch is definitely worth the trip! And when we leave the kid at home, we love the patio for all of the above.”

    - Monty H.

    “Phew! I came in today with my mother and sister and sat out on the patio and it was amazing! We ordered four appetizers and we each had an entree. SO DELICIOUS. We will definitely be coming back :)”

    - Manuela A.

    “I went to Fremont for PCC, and stayed for El Camino. A friend and I sat on the balcony and enjoyed our bubbly, sprite-like server. My friend got a salad and I had the chicken enchiladas. The food was stellar, the service was great, and the atmosphere was spectacular! I highly recommend this restaurant and plan to return.”

    - Justin R.

    “We stopped here for a late lunch on a Saturday. We had heard about how good the plantain chips were so we ordered those first. WOW. They were indeed fabulous, and served with delicious guacamole and pico de gallo. Fabulous! We each ordered a quesadilla and they were both super delicious. The tortilla was nice and crispy and the cheese was lovely and gooey. We will definitely eat here again.”

    - Cheryl H.

    “El Camino gets an A+ on all levels.  Atmosphere is relaxed and inviting – the fireplace makes for a cozy environment, but the bar is spacious and a great place to enjoy your meal as well.  I’ve never experienced anything but topnotch service at El Camino either. Lastly, the FOOD.  The mussels are literally the best I’ve ever eaten. Weird at a Mexican place, right?! I’m not joking. Best. Mussels. Ever. The shrimp quesadilla is my second favorite – very unique and flavorful.  You can’t really go wrong with anything on their menu though.

    Definitely recommend going to El Camino, and I’ll continue to go back.”

    - Lacey M.

    “The food and service is awesome! Get their enchilada with “verde” sauce. TOO GOOD. & Also very filling! You could probably share with someone if you are a small asian girl like me.
    Bottom line, just go try it!!”

    - Anna C.

    “I decided to try this place and didn’t want to wait, so I went by myself. Even on a crowded patio they found room for me. The service was really mellow but attentive, my server was super cute and checked in on me at all the right times. He even was chill to the three a-holes next to me on happy hour from work. If you can, and the weather permits, sit on the patio…not a great view, but it feels fantastic out there the way the tables are situated, and the lighting is pleasant.

    The food was really fun, too, I call it “boutique Mexican” because it was pretty, petite, and delicious. Price wasn’t too bad either. Looking forward to going again!”

    - Jen P.
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